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Channel Letters Orange County Ca. No Salesmen!Work and deal directly with the Owner, Rick Hobbs. Started out at Anaheim Signs in 1978 and has three generations of sign crafting skills passed down, before the onset of computer sign programs.

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Halo Lighted Channel Letters, illuminated sign letters, Back Lit Channel letters.

Channel letters. Make your business light up the night with Lighted Aluminum Channel Letters. Solar Powered Channel Letters can be used when no electricity is available. We can also make halo lighted letters or back lighted letters. Where the lighting glows around the back of the letters, and creates a halo effect. We can make your business logo and lettering light up in many different lighting styles. We use low voltage LED lighting which are highly energy efficient..

Fair Prices
With the experience of Manufacturing 3 dimensional lighted letters, and all types of illuminated channel letters over 30 years and not outsourcing work, our overhead is lower then all competitors. With expertise comes time saving backlit sign letters fabrication techniques, that save our customers bottom line.

Quick Turnaround
Need channel sign letters in a Rush? It normally takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete a sign channel letter project, but I have the flexibility to complete lighted channel letters in one to two days, if your in a bind, ask about rush jobs.

Lighted Channel Letters Made
Lighted Channel Letters Made

Quality Products
Signs are a graphic art form that will be visible for years,  we take pride in our work. We only produce professional looking signs, and use products that will provide years of business signage advertising, and we warranty our work..

Aluminum Channel letters.

Make your business light up the night with Lighted Aluminum Channel Letters . Solar Powered Channel Letters can be used when no electricity is available. We can also make acrylic lighted letters, neon sign letters, and most ant type of lighted sign or letters.

Halo Lighted Letters

There are many ways you can mount or install different types of illuminated channel letter signs Most often, the halo lighted letters attach to a surface permanently, but are pegged off of wall with spacers for a halo effect or back lighting, There are many types of surfaces, which will require a different attachment method. An installer will have to determine the best method of attachment for each unique aluminum channel letters project. A licensed sign contractor will have the needed experience to determine the best method of attachment

Halo Lighted Letters
Halo Lighted Letters

Lighted LED 3d Building Letters

Lighted led building Letters are manufactured with an aluminum backing . Normally LED lights are installed, inside the letter and an acrylic face is placed over the led's for different colored faces, You can also use different colors of leds to get different effects like the above picture.


Dual Lighted Letters

The picture above is a reverse lighted, or halo  lighting and front lighted The difference between halo lighted and regular lighted channel letters, is the backing material used. Normally we use an aluminum backing, with aluminum sides or returns. With halo lighted channel letters, we use a clear lexan backing. You also have to peg the letters off of the wall. The further away from the wall, the bigger the halo around the letter..

Back Lit Channel Letters

Back lighted channel letter signs, similar to halo lighted letters, these letters have the led's pointed directly at the wall, for a brighter effect then the halo lighted letters. In halo lighted letters the light is directed toward the face of the letter and the light reflects off of the interior of the sign letter.

Illuminated Sign Letter s

Free Standing illuminated channel letter signs: If you have an awning or over hang, you can make the letters look like they are standing up by themselves. A full sheet of acrylic or aluminum material is cutout with a bar across the bottom of the letters. Clips are added on the backside. Then attached to the roof, so it appears the letters are standing up by themselves.

Once the signs are produced, they can be professionally installed by our experianced installation team. Please request a privacy policy from our new office in 2020. We hold all emails from our site for privacy. The whole process can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the size of the job. Building Letters Irvine ca .

FAQ on Channel Letters, 3D Letters, Business Signs.

A channel letter sign can be made of many differant materials . Aluminum is the most used material, acrylic, PVC, wood, stone custom-made metal or plastic letters can be used in exterior and interior signage in and around public, office, retail, and commercial buildings and monument signage. More often then not, for energy efficient purposes, they will be internally lighted with low voltage LED lights. Non-lighted three dimensional letters are not considered channel letters, they are normally referred too as three dimensional letters or 3D letters, and are constructed of some type of flat substrate such as acrylic or expanded foam products.

The average cost of lighted channel Letter signs, depends on the size of the letter. Most shopping centers on the average allow around 18" letters. An 18" letter with installation will average about $150.00 to $200.00 per letter. Depending on the type of wall, the height of the building, and the ease of access to the installation location.

The typical applications are face lighted, halo lighted, back-lit, or also called reverse lit or lighted, or a combination of both. The most used type of channel letter would be an aluminum channel with acrylic or polycarbonite face on the front, or face lighted. In some instances, all acrylic or polycarbonite can be used to light the faces and returns. Also can be halo lighted as well.

Lighted Channel letters are constructed with five main componants. The face of the letter. The sides, edges, or returns of the letter. The trim cap to attach the face to the sides of the letter. The backing of the letter attached to the returns. The lighting more often then not will be LED lights, which will be internally placed inside the letter.

Channel letters are normally mounted or installed flush to the building facade. Where no access is available, they are mounted on a aluminum raceway , also called a wireway, or backer panel. Which serves as a hallow area to mount the power supply and hide the wiring. Each letter should be attached individually with a minumum of 3 attachments, screws or bolts per letter.


Before any business owner opens their doors for business, there are many different things that they must take care of. In fact, during the business start-up, one of the most important is finding a facility to locate their business activities, while also choosing the idea place to service their customers. Once the location has been identified and the facility is ready for the startup operation, there are still some essential things that must be considered well in advance. One of the most important is how to identify the best ways to market the company via a sign campaign. Lighted Building Letters Capture Prospective Customers Attention Fortunately, these campaigns can easily be run when they are based on the business owner and their preferences. This is because many of the top business organizations in the business world already understand the benefits of using lighted channel letters on the outside of their buildings. Because lighted building letters can be used to capture a prospective customers attention as soon as they walk by, they can also be great conversational pieces when they have been customized to fit into a particular company's brand. Lighted Channel Letters -- Making a Huge difference in Effective Ads Since the brand of a company can make a huge difference in how well the ads are received, it is very important that business owners are aware of how much these campaigns can influence large target audiences at a time. sS, if the owner is looking for the ultimate experience when they release these campaigns, they should make sure that they are consulting with either a custom sign company or an irvine sign company prior to do this kind of work being done. These teams of consultants are skilled in making sure their clients get what they need in making sure the campaigns that they have designed are successful. Opening up the doors of a business can be a daunting, but rewarding task. So, business owners should make sure that they are designing effective use signs that drive more attention to the company's marketing strategies.

Here is a partial list of cities served for your Business Sign Needs: Aliso Viejo, Foothill Ranch, Laguna Hills, San Juan Capistrano, Anaheim, Fountain Valley, Laguna Niguel, Santa Ana, Balboa, Fullerton, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Brea, Garden Grove, Mission Viejo, Stanton, Buena Park, Huntington Beach, Midway City, Sunset Beach, Cerritos, Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin, Corona Del Mar, Ladera Ranch, Orange, Trabuco Canyon, Costa Mesa, La Habra, Villa Park, Coto De Caza, Lake Forest. Placentia. Westminster, Cypress, La Palma, Rancho Santa Margarita, Yorba Linda, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Also serving: Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Corona, Ontario, Chino, Long Beach, Pomona, Diamond Bar, City of Industry, Santa Fe Springs, and all of Southern California.

Rick provided great service. His communication was quick and accurate and his quote was great from the start. He showed up on time when he said he would and even helped us with an address number that a painter had knocked off our building. Great to work with every step of the way, I highly recommend you contact him if you're looking for signage.
. . .Jonathan Moretti via Google Reviews

The signs look great! Actually probably look better without the little stars. Thanks Rick for everything. It was a pleasure doing business with you and my salon would not have looked this good without you. I'll definitely know who to call for my next salon. Thank You Again,
. . .Ryan R Joyce Owner/CEO ROCKSTAR TAN, LLC via Google Reviews

I designed a Custom Sign for a client in Irvine, Ca., and these guys came in with the best price. Rick not only made the lighted channel letters, but installed them fast, and will definitely be sending him more work, Thanks Rick.
. . .Brian Mobley via Google Reviews .

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