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Electric Sign Contractor #490521. Old School Sign Crafter with High Tech Tools! Custom Business Signs, Sign Company Orange County

Signs of all shapes and sizes, LED Signs installed in Orange County, Monuments and More...

Channel Letters Orange County Ca. No Salesmen!Work and deal directly with the Owner, Rick Hobbs. Started out at Anaheim Signs in 1978 and has three generations of sign crafting skills passed down, before the onset of computer sign programs.

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Three Dimensional, Interior Reception Letters, Lobby Signs

Three Dimensional Signs, Custom Lobby Signage, Reception Signs.

Checklist: When selecting or modifying alphabets for Company Signs, the following questions should be kept in mind:
1. Does the alphabet have the appropriate character for the project?
2. Which weight (regular, light, medium, bold) should be used?
3. Will the alphabet be highly legible when viewed at the distance required? When illuminated at night?
4. If three-dimensional letters are planned for, will both upper- and lowercase versions be easily read when viewed from an angle? Some condensed alphabets may be hard to read in this situation, especially if letter spacing is tight.
5. Is the alphabet compatible with standard changeable letters, directory copy strips, or vinyl letters of other stock items need for the project?
 6. Is the alphabet suitable for all the fabrication techniques planned? For example, if backlighted individual letters are to be fabricated, are the thin strokes wide enough to accommodate neon signs? In addition, a Roman-style alphabet with sharp serifs cannot be deeply sand-blasted into granite without losing much of its elegance, but it can be hand-carved into metal or slate.

7. Will fabrication of the alphabet be practical, considering letters may have excessively thin strokes for cutout wood or even metal when fabricated in small sizes. However, script letters can be silk-screened or sand-blasted in small sizes on various materials.

Three Dimensional Lobby Signs
Three Dimensional Lobby Signs

Interior Lobby Signs- Reception Signs Interior reception signs or lobby letters, can make great branding signs. Just send us a picture of the wall area where you want your logo. Attach a picture or a copy of your real logo, we can Photoshop the picture to show what your sign will look like. We do interior lighted letters where the light is directed toward the face of the letter and the light reflects off of the interior of the sign letter.

Corporate Signage, Company Branding

An exterior light source provides the simplest and cheapest way to light a custom company signs, in terms of both installation and maintenance. It is used to light large commercial or printed graphic signs, such as billboards, or any corporate signage made of various opaque materials such as metal, letters  stone, or wood. Lighting techniques include spotlighting, floodlighting, backlighting, and utilization of ambient lighting on metal business signs. Spotlights are the simplest kind of outside light sources and can be set up easily. They are strong, focused lights, used to light small areas from above, below, or side.


Sign Letters Numbers
Sign Letters Numbers

Custom Signs of all type
Free Standing illuminated channel letter signs: If you have an awning or over hang, you can make the letters look like they are standing up by themselves. A full sheet of acrylic or aluminum material is cutout with a bar across the bottom of the letters. Clips are added on the backside. Then attached to the roof, so it appears the letters are standing up by themselves.

We Create awesome Sign Designs
The design of your business signs Orange county should be developed in such a way to be persuasive, must be rememberable, visable and practicle. Produce your business sign in such a way that it will leave a mark in the minds of all who pass by.

Rick provided great service. His communication was quick and accurate and his quote was great from the start. He showed up on time when he said he would and even helped us with an address number that a painter had knocked off our building. Great to work with every step of the way, I highly recommend you contact him if you're looking for signage.
. . .Jonathan Moretti via Google Reviews

The signs look great! Actually probably look better without the little stars. Thanks Rick for everything. It was a pleasure doing business with you and my salon would not have looked this good without you. I'll definitely know who to call for my next salon. Thank You Again,
. . .Ryan R Joyce Owner/CEO ROCKSTAR TAN, LLC via Google Reviews

I designed a Custom Sign for a client in Irvine, Ca., and these guys came in with the best price. Rick not only made the lighted channel letters, but installed them fast, and will definitely be sending him more work, Thanks Rick.
. . .Brian Mobley via Google Reviews .

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